Business Indigo – pivot and re-launch!

Written on:March 25, 2013
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Long planned, and finally being executed – Business Indigo, the leading source for information and news on the tech community around Charleston, SC, is being re-launched as a blog based publication.

The leading innovation communities in the US, if not the world, on built on strong networks and interaction among people. News and information flows – through events, through chance meetings, through social networks (as in actual person to person interaction) as well as publications. Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Austin, Chicago, LA – these and other communities have these components.

But Charleston has always been interesting -the tech community tends to keep to itself, is reticent about talking about what’s new and exciting, and tends to be small in size.

There is a lot going on here – friends of mine in other cities who read Business Indigo have frequently commented┬áthat they were surprised as to the level of activity.

So, sing your praises – email to